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Dressage in Lightness Online has been established by the acclaimed FEI rider, Leanne Williams, who is an Equestrian Australia Level 3 Dressage Coach and a Licensed teacher of the School of Légèreté. Become a part of Dressage in Lightness Online and have 24/7 access to Leanne’s training methods. We would love to help you advance your knowledge and skills to develop the relationship with your horse that you have always wanted.

Leanne shares her General Handling and In Hand techniques on actual Case Study horses as well as the horses that have been bred and trained at Avoca Park Equestrian. Videos have had minimal editing done in order to truthfully portray the horse’s behaviour from arrival to departure. We also finish each training period with a lesson with the owner. As you progress through the videos, you will see the horses transform in their posture, balance, behaviour and thought processes.

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Dressage in Lightness Online has been designed to cater to each and every rider’s individual needs with our collection of hundreds of videos relating to almost every aspect of training. Our videos include cavesson work and in-hand work with flexions, working towards and including ridden work. With new videos being added to our collection every week, you’re sure to reach your full equestrian potential with a membership to Dressage in Lightness Online.

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