Wilber is a 4 year old Arabian gelding who was brought to Avoca Park to be broken in and to consolidate his tie-up training.

His owner, Alex, says:
“I brought Wilber as a stallion and had him gelded November 2016. I would like him broken in using Légèreté methods.
I have been working slowly under instruction on the preparatory ground work.
He lunges well in a halter, happy with saddle and bridle and we are now progressing his cavesson training.”

Watch this interesting video of Wilber exhibiting ‘plaiting’. This indicates a lack of strength and balance as a young horse.

Follow the links below to watch Wilber’s progress


WEEK 1   –   WEEK 2   –    WEEK 3   –  WEEK 4   –    WEEK 5


WEEK 6   –   WEEK 7   –   WEEK 8   –  WEEK 9   –   WEEK 10


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