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Jen Knoetze

Prior to Leanne's float training  I used to be able to get my mare on the float most of the time as long as I had everything just right.  90% of the time there was no issue.  But I certainly could not load her onto a strange float and loading was definitely  on her terms.    Leanne's float training was one of the best things I have ever done.  Not only did I learn to address the float loading/unloading issues I had been carefully ignoring but it had a large impact on my ridden work.  It was clear that a number of the same issues were reflected when I was riding.

Linda Muldoon

I have been a client at Avoca Park for quite a few years and have brought 3 horses through this system, each one being quite different and arriving with their own baggage. This process strips everything back to absolute basics of posture. The logic “if your horse cannot hold itself in an appropriate posture standing still on the ground, how can you possibly expect it to be in balance one it’s under saddle and moving” holds true. This methodology is rigorous about balance and posture. It was quite confronting for me to realise how little I actually knew about the muscles, skeleton & biomechanics. It’s been a humbling journey but the epiphanies and continual lightbulbs make it incredibly exciting. I now have 3 lovely horses that are really nice horses to ride because they are in balance and self carriage. It’s all about the journey. The never ending journey.

Katie Watson

Hoolie Doolie and I were a mess! We were nervous, anxious and unconfident in each other which lead to, shying, spinning, pig-rooting and taking off. Since commencing lessons with Leanne in September 2017, we have started work in hand and education of the mouth and body from the ground. Wow, what an eye opener!! From the awesome result we get on the ground we are now taking that in to the saddle, and the feeling is amazing! As a horse and rider combination we are now working together not against each other, all the anxious/worried reactions are going due to Hoolie being able to use his body and being forward off my leg and working in to the bridle!! The knowledge, skills and patience Leanne has with the horse and student is an inspiration. I am looking forward to continue training with Leanne for a long time to come! I believe the difference in the pictures speaks for themselves!!

Photo 1 - 9th of Feb 2017

Photo 2 - 18th of Dec 2017

Photo 3 - 27th of Feb 2018

Sarie Miles

I have been a student of Leanne Williams for over eight years, learning and practicing the lightness training system followed by Avoca Park Equestrian. Under Leanne's guidance I have had great success in developing a more balanced horse who has self-carriage and acceptance of the bit. The education offered by Leanne and Laura, through Légèreté's training methods, has assisted both myself and my horse to understand and aim for lightness in movement through a more balanced posture which promotes riding longevity.

Milla Sambell

I could personally write an essay on how great I think Avoca Park Equestrian is 😉  but here’s a couple lines:

Coming to Avoca Park and starting to learn the Legerete system has been the best and most exciting part of my riding journey so far. What I am taught is so logical. I love that so much consideration goes into correctly training the horse to move. Understanding where your horse is at physically and mentally helps both prevent and address any behavioural challenges that may come up, and gives riders the skills to improve their horses and themselves! This is all patiently taught at Avoca Park.

Loreto Hosking

After 15 years as a student of Leanne’s, I look back on a remarkable journey that has explored much more than the mechanics of riding. Thanks to her drive for knowledge, and her openness to philsophies and systems that aim to keep the horses healthy in body and mind. At Avoca Park, John and Leanne have created a hub of learning, inviting a broad spectrum of clinicians from interstate and overseas to teach not only classical dressage but equine anatomy and biomechanics, rider biomechanics, and equine nutrition. This means that a lesson at Avoca Park is much more than a riding lesson - it is a mix of history and anatomy, biomechanics and psychology, tailored to students of all ages and levels, with the horse’s welfare at its centre, and rider enjoyment the happy outcome. Looking forward to the next 15 years!

Jorjia and Cheryl-Lee

My 7 year old has had lessons at Avoca Park Equestrian with Laura on their fabulous school ponies. Laura is fantastic, my girl was a beginner and after only a few months she is riding independently and becoming a capable, confident, courageous little rider who can’t wait for her lessons every week!

Susan Marshallsea

Honey is my Stock Horse shown in one of the videos. She was a very anxious mare and my nervousness in handling and riding her exacerbated her behaviour. We had many issues on the ground and with ridden work. Leanne's and Laura's training has resulted in remarkable changes in Honey. Her whole demeanour has altered! She is now a relaxed horse who is very good on the ground, floats well, is learning what is expected of her and is now a pleasure to ride. Honey went back to the basics. The ground work with Laura helped immensely with her anxiety decreasing as she understood that was required. I have been able to use the ground and ridden exercises at home to further consolidate her training. It is the result of her training at Avoca Park that Honey and I are now a different combination - relaxed, safe, confident and greatly enjoying our riding.


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