I would like to become a member of Dressage in Lightness Online. How would I do this?

Head to the bottom of our HOME page or to the Membership tab in our menu. Then select which membership type you wish to purchase, clicking the red titled link of the relevant membership option. You’ll then be taken to Memberful‘s Complete your order where you will be asked to provide your Name, Email address and Password, keep this information recorded as this is how you’ll be able to access your account from anywhere in the world! Then Click ‘Place Your Order’ where you will then be taken to another page asking for confirmation of your details. To complete your payment with Dressage in Lightness Online you must fill out both the payment details and form details .


How do I purchase a membership Voucher?

A voucher for a dressageinlightnessonline.com.au membership is a great gift and so easy to purchase! To purchase a voucher email us at dressageinlightnessonline@avocapark.com.au


Can I preview a video before becoming a member?

Yes. On the homepage there is an introductory video, all our other educational videos are of the same quality. We also offer a 3 DAY FREE TRIAL as part of the monthly membership, where you have 72 hours of unlimited access to the site.


How do I know that the payment is secure?

All payments are through Stripe‘s secure site. Please follow this link for more information on their security policy.


If I am unhappy with my membership, can I get a refund?

If you are not satisfied with your membership, we will refund your subscription. Please send your request within the 3 FREE day trial of becoming a member to dressageinlightnessonline@avocapark.com.au

You will receive a confirmation email back. This includes month to month and term memberships. There will be no refunds after the 3rd day.


What payment methods are accepted?

All our payments are taken via Stripe which uses secure credit card payment technology.


How do I contact customer service?

If you have any problems, please contact our customer service via email at dressageinlightnessonline@avocapark.com.au We will get back to you by the end of the following business day that we receive the email. If you would like to speak with a customer service member, please call  +61 4044 561 126


Do I still have to pay for my monthly membership if I don’t use it?

Yes, our subscription works like any membership subscription, once you have registered your credit card will be debited every 30 days. If you choose the 90, 180 or the 360 day options, once your long term membership is completed it will continue to renew until such time that you cancel the membership. This cancellation must reach us at least 2 days prior to the end of the billing cycle.


What is the price of membership?

For our monthly fee of $49.95 you will have a 3 DAY FREE TRIAL with access to over 200 videos of our case studies and educational information. The membership will automatically renew every 30 days until cancelled. We must receive notification via email to dressageinlightnessonline@avocapark.com.au of desired cancellation, this needs to be at least 2 days prior to the end of your billing cycle. Your billing cycle will commence, and your credit card debited every 30 days from your initial registration.


Membership options – Paid in advance.

3 months – $120 AUD, this works out to $40 per month

6 months – $200 AUD, this works out to $33.33 per month

12 months – $350 AUD, this works out to $29.15 per month


If you choose a 3, 6 or 12 month membership pay in advance you will receive a greater discount, your membership will default will continue to renew itself at the end of your term unless you decide to cancel. We do not give partial refunds.

At any time if you do not wish to continue your membership you must cancel your registration via email to dressageinlightnessonline@avocapark.com.au. We need to receive your email 2 days prior to the end of your registration. We do not send renewal reminders.


How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership you will need to contact our customer service manager via email at dressageinlightnessonline@avocapark.com.au using the first and last name you used in your registration. You will then receive a confirmation email of the cancellation of your membership. We need to receive the email minimum 2 days prior EST to the commencement of your new billing cycle.


Can I increase the clarity of the video?

The quality of the video is automatically detected through YouTube’s technology. If you wish to alter the quality, select the settings icon in the right corner of the screen and choose a quality of 360p, 240p or 144p.


Do the videos require a Flash Player?

No, as our videos use YouTube as our viewing platform having a Flash Player on your laptop is not required.


How do I eliminate choppiness in the video?

Pause the video and allow it the sit for a few minutes before pressing play. This will allow time for the video to buffer. Furthermore, check your internet connection and speed to see if your location’s affecting the video’s ability to download.


Can I watch the videos using my iPad or iPhone?

You sure can! Dressage in Lightness Online’s educational videos are mobile friendly meaning you can watch our content just as you would on your computer.


Why do you need my email?

We use your email to send a payment confirmation message and to fill you in on any upcoming changes to the website or your membership.


What happens if I am a member and can’t remember my password?

That’s okay, it happens! Click on this link and fill in your email https://dressageilo.memberful.com/auth/password/new or alternatively you can just send us an email letting us know you cannot remember your password with your name and email address.


How do I contact technical support?

For whatever reason, if you have problems with the website please contact customer service at dressageinlightnessonline@avocapark.com.au OR call us on +61 422 561 126 We will get back to you by close of business the day following us receiving your email.


Can I download a video?

The videos on the website cannot be downloaded. You can watch them via your computer or mobile device using streaming, this way they take up no room on your computer. 😊


How often may I view the videos and how many may I view?

Once you are a member you may watch as many videos as many times as you want, for as long as you continue your membership.  You have unlimited access to all videos on our website.


What devices are compatible?

All devices! Whether you have a phone, laptop or tablet, you can watch our educational videos!


Do I need to be connected to the Internet to watch the streamed videos?

Yes, you must have an active high speed internet connection running (56mg. or higher) for best results.



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