Axiom is an 8 year old Thoroughbred gelding who was sent for training to help him transition from racehorse to leisure-riding horse.
Axiom has journeyed around the world. He was born in Germany, raced in Hong Kong, and retired from racing in Australia.

This is what his owner, Meagan, has to say:

“Axiom is very green off the track. He’s only had a few rides in the past six months and has been off the track for a year.
I would like to get some dressage training done so his education gets off to a good start before riding him regularly. I’m finding him unbalanced and green to ride.”

Follow the links below to watch Axiom’s progress.

WEEK 1   –   WEEK 2   –   WEEK 3   –    WEEK 4   –   WEEK 5   –  WEEK 6 

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