Avoca Cardinal

Avoca Cardinal (Sam) is 3/4 Clydesdale and 1/4 Thoroughbred. This is a fabulous cross to put over any breed of horse combining the temperament, bone and strength the Clydesdale with the lightness of other breeds to create an outstanding performance horse for any discipline.

Cardinal displays correct conformation and movement that had scored 9’s in dressage tests and won him Championships both in Clydesdale Cross and All Breeds rings. With a temperament that any person would adore, Cardinal produces progeny which is extremely trainable and competing successfully in all Associations.

Born 1994, 17hh, Bay Roan, Clydesdale Cross

Reg: Clydesdale Cross Sporthorse Association

Frozen Semen Fee : $880 24hr LFG, contact info@avocapark.com.au or follow this LINK








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